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„““Later, when Good-bye to All That had been written, and was selling well, Graves wrote that this did not surprise him: „because I have been able to put into the book all the frank answers to all the inquisitive questions that people like to ask about other people’s lives. And not only, but I have more or less deliberately mixed in all the ingredients that I know are mixed into other popular books … food and drink … murders … Ghosts … kings … People also like reading about other people’s mothers. I put in mine … T. E. Lawrence … the Prince of Wales … racing motorists and millionaires and pedlars and tramps and adopted children and Arctic explorers … People like reading about poets. I put in a lot of poets. I have met most of the bestknown ones in England … Prime Ministers … foreign travel … Sport … commerce … school episodes …. love affairs (regular and irregular), wounds, weddings, religious doubts, methods of bringing up children, severe illnesses, suicides. But the best bet of all is battles, and i had been in two quite good ones … So it was easy to write a book that would interest everybody.““““ (Robert Graves)

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