„I’ve measured it from side to side: ‚Tis three feet long, and two feet wide.“

„How, must I think, could anyone in his right mind who cared about politics imagine that he could express a revolutionary obligation by giving the dimensions of a pond? How, for that matter, many readers of poetry today do in fact think, could anyone in his right mind imagine that a poem might exercise any political influence at all? But how else can I possibly begin to like the lines, if not by interpreting Wordsworth’s insistence, and my own impression, too, that I am obliged to like them, and by finding in their bid for absolute literalness a dislocated expression of revolutionary thinking and intransigence; and since I already like them, is that not exactly what I must have done?“

From: STUPEFACTION. A Radical Anatomy of Phantoms, by Keston Sutherland. Seagull Books 2011. Seite 145.

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