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„Herewith the most complete list possible of Gurdjieff′s Order of Idiots:

  1. Ordinary Idiot
  2. Super Idiot
  3. Arch Idiot
  4. Hopeless Idiot
  5. Compassionate Idiot
  6. Squirming Idiot
  7. Square Idiot
  8. Round Idiot
  9. Zigzag Idiot
  10. Enlightened Idiot
  11. Doubting Idiot
  12. Swaggering Idiot
  13. Born Idiot
  14. Patented Idiot
  15. Psychopathic Idiot
  16. Polyhedral Idiot

Idiots 17-21 constituted a spiritual hierarchy, reflecting progressive gradations of objective reason.
Idiot 18 presented the highest development which a human being could reach, but in order to attain it, he had first voluntarily to descend again from 17 to 1, the ordinary idiot.
Idiots 19 and 21 were reserved for the sons of God.
21 – Unique Idiot (God himself)“

Aus: J.B.Moore – Gurdjieff: a Biography.  THE SCIENCE OF IDIOTISM entnommen.

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